Earn While You Learn

Learn how to make money from home

The Home Business

I decided one day to search the internet in hopes of learning how to earn money from the comforts of home and earn money during the first week. I also wanted to use the network marketing process because of the residual income (making money over and over while only having to do the work once); however, I didn't want to have to talk people into joining. I'm not bashful, or anything like that, I just don't have the gift of gab and would much rather speak to those who are already searching for what I have. So having said that, I also wanted the business to be affordable for anyone.

So I searched high and low and found that the norm for most home based businesses with a residual income opportunity was anywhere from $500.00 to $10,000.00 to start. I was horrified. There had to be one somewhere for less than a hundred dollars to get started.

It was then that a friend of mine asked me if I had heard of "lights on / lights off". I had no idea what he was talking about. He told me that it was the product of a company named Dynamaxx and they were a marketing company where anyone can become a distributor for less that $100. Naturally I was skeptical but then again, this was my best friend I was talking to. He showed me the plan and it was true; my search was over!!!


9 ways to get paid

I am amazed at just how lucrative the compensation plan is. Starting with the retail commissions, elite customer commissions, the first order bonuses, the fast start bonuses, the mentor bonuses, the dual team commissions, the additional independent business center commissions, the 7-level check match, and the MAXX leadership rewards; which consist of the luxury car allowance, the business development allowance, the director / vice president incentive trips, and the leadership pool. Then to top off that list the mentor model is like none other.


The three steps

As is written in the plan, the strength of our program is that there are only 3 simple steps that you follow to participate in all aspects of the DynaMAXX Compensation plan. Fully understanding every detail of the plan is not nearly as important as merely understanding these 3 simple steps to MAXXimum success. If you follow these steps, the rest will fall into place on its own.

Step 1: Enroll and activate your independent business center (IBC).

Step 2: Qualify your IBC by helping others complete step 1.

Step 3: take the fast track to rank (achieve rank).